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Danielle understands that to make workforce and economic development a priority, we must first make education our priority. In a rapidly changing economic landscape, life-long learning is essential beginning with pre-K. We need all sectors of the community involved to strengthen our educational system – parents, teachers, business and community leaders, and student representatives.

  • Access to pre-K regardless of zip code
  • Employer involvement/input in educational skills planning
  • Giving teachers and schools resources and more autonomy over local decisions impacting schools so that they can succeed
  • Giving teachers the compensation and respect they deserve as the professionals they are

Common Sense Gun Legislation

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Danielle understands the necessity for responsible gun ownership. In order to address the gun violence epidemic, common sense legislative reforms are necessary. Our children deserve to be safe in their homes, neighborhoods and schools. If they don’t feel safe, we can’t expect them to succeed in other areas of their lives. Instead of giving teachers guns, we should be giving teachers the resources to teach; we should be arming students with critical thinking skills.

  • Background checks for all gun sales, which the majority of gun owners agree with
  • Age limits (21) for gun ownership
  • Eliminating sales of semi-automatic weapons and bump stocks
  • Licensing of gun ownership
  • Gun-free school zones


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Danielle supports expanding access to affordable healthcare – including accepting Medicaid funding. Without quality and affordable healthcare, preventative care falls by the wayside, which ultimately results in poorer outcomes for the patient and higher medical costs for all of us. By not accepting Medicaid expansion, we are burdening our hospitals and forcing many small community hospitals to shut down.

  • Expanding Medicaid right here in Tennessee
  • Allowing women to choose their own healthcare provider
  • Allowing use of Medicaid dollars to cover addiction treatment


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